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  1. Hello THomas! This is Paolo from Italy, I just tried your Bulk Update for Work Hours XrmToolbox Plugin. I tested it on a user. I set the user, the week days (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday), the starting date (22 nd October), Start time and end time (from 11:10 to 16:10). On Crm I found for the selected user that day, starting day and start-end hour were ok, but the hours were wrong. The time time in CRM was from 11:56 to 16:56. I tried to change the numeric up-down control, but surprisingly the minutes interval is just from 01 to 12 and not from 00 to 59. Another strange behavior is that if I open the work hours page for the user I see (as said) from 11:56 to 16:56, but if I double click the interval, it shows from 12 AM to 7AM and not from 11:56 to 16:56. Do you have any idea of what’s going on? Anyway, thanks for your great job!!!

    1. Hi Paolo. Thanks for using my Plugin. I will have a look and see what is causing the issue with the minutes interval but unfortunately this is an unfinished product and will be looking to update it sometime in the future. Keep watching this space though 🙂

    2. I have made an update to the package to fix the minutes issue. I’m not sure whats going on in terms of your other question. Its something for me to look into in future. Thanks for the feedback though 🙂

  2. Hi Thomas,
    I have record count for multiple entities in dynamic CRM, Below XML is working for one entity…but i have multiple entities to get record count, how to get for multiple entities. Please help

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