Resco CRM – Nested Reapters using the same entity

I had a requirement to display a list of Services and Products onto a Quote report. But list all the services on top of each product within the report. This means that I will need two Repeaters which displays a list of all products and services related to the Quote.

In the Product repeater I am only showing Products which are not a service and related to the quote.

Below is an example of what my report looks like, as you can see it just displays the list of products related to the Quote. Pretty simple.

Now I need to get the list of products but of type service related to the quote. I added a new product Repeater inside of the other product Repeater and as you can see it creates another list of fields to use but it gives duplicate fields with the same entity prefix name of ‘product’.

This time I am searching for all products which are of type ‘service’ related to the quote.

When I preview the report, I get no data shown. Which seems very strange.

To fix this you need to export the report XML.

Find the embedded repeater ‘Alias’ and give it another name.

In this case I will give it the name ‘service’ as I am trying to retrieve services instead of products.

Save the XML changes then import and overwrite the original report.

Now the available fields have the prefix of ‘service’ instead of ‘product. Making the fields unique to the product fields.

When I preview the report now I can see the list of services next to each individual product.

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