Audit History Rollback – XRMToolBox Plugin

Audit History Rollback

An XRMToolBox plugin to rollback audit history on a single record.

Download Here

How to retrieve audit history for a record

Load entities from your environment

Entities which have ‘Auditing Enabled’ will only be shown

Loading Audit History

Select and entity and enter a GUID of a record, then press the ‘Load Audit History’ button to populate the grid with audit history records.

Show most recent audit records for each field

This checkbox will only show the most recently updated audit record for each field.

Rollback audit history

Highlight the rows which you want to rollback and press the ‘Rollback’ button. You can highlight multiple rows by holding ‘Ctrl’ and clicking with the mouse.

5 thoughts on “Audit History Rollback – XRMToolBox Plugin

  1. Hi Thomas, trying to download this tool but the .zip just has one dll file and I keep getting a security warning from chrome and edge. Is there somewhere else I can download the file? I don’t want to load into our system something with security concerns.

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