Migrate Schedule Board(s) to other environments

I have a link to the Visual Studio project here. This currently only opens for Visual Studio 2019 and will not open for any earlier versions of Visual Studio.

You will also need to download a few other items before being able to run the project above which the guide can be found here.

Once you have the project open you will need to update the connections below so the ‘Source Dynamics Connection’ points to your source environment that contains your Scheduled Board(s) that you want to migrate and the ‘Target Dynamics Connection’ to point to your target environment that the Schedule Board(s) will be migrated into.

You will notice that my trial dynamics environment is populated, clear these details and replace it with your current environment details.

If you do not want to download my project file then the order of entities you need to import is:

1 – Booking Setup Metadata (msdyn_bookingsetupmetadata)
2 – Client Extensions (msdyn_clientextension)
3 – Schedule Board Settings (msdyn_scheduleboardsetting)
4 – Configuration (msdyn_configuration)

Important detail

You will notice that within my project I have disabled the ‘msdyn_settings’ field in the Schedule Board Settings entity. The reason for this is there may be certain situations where the source environment may have a different version of Field Service or Universal Resource Scheduling and migrating over certain fields may overwrite data which may not be recognised by the target system. You can enable this field if you are comfortable that both environments are on the same version. (This also could apply to other managed fields as well)

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